5 Ways to Avoid Closing Delays

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While all delays in closing aren’t 100% avoidable, there are a few things you can do to insure your transaction makes it to the closing table when it is supposed to.

You can access the five tips by clicking “Avoid Closing Delays” below, but a common theme is COMMUNICATION.

When all parties (including, but not limited to the agents, closing attorney and lender) are informed about changes to the contract, there are no surprises.  If the closing needs to be scheduled during a certain time of day or on a specific day, make sure everyone is aware.  Insure that your client has received and confirmed the wiring instructions with the closing attorney, so there are no hiccups when wiring funds for closing.  If you have a VA or a closing coordinator, make sure everyone has their contact information at the beginning and knows their role in the remainder of the transaction.

These all seem like no-brainers, but the fact is, we all get busy or we rely on the traditional buyer agent or seller agent roles to complete certain contract related tasks.

Establishing those open lines of communication between all parties from the beginning can make a world of difference in the overall contract to close experience.

Click below to view a few additional tips to getting to the closing table on time!

Avoiding Closing Delays


Written by Megan Blanks, Marketing Director and Social Media Manager for McManamy McLeod Heller

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