August Marketing Report 2021: What’s Going On!

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According to the Atlanta Realtors Market Brief, August ended with sales at 7,284, which was a 5.7% decrease from this time last year.  Supply decreased 29.8% from August of 2020.  New listings totaled 8,753, down 3.6% from August 2020 and down 7.1% from the month prior.

A Word from 2021 Atlanta REALTORS® President Cynthia Lippert:

With inventory once again reflecting a significant decline in comparison to 2020, and less than half of what was on the market in 2019, the August closings are reflecting this ongoing challenge,” stated Cynthia Lippert, 2021 President of the Atlanta REALTORS® Association. “Sales are historically strong for the month of August but are down slightly in comparison to a very robust market in 2020.”

“The standout factor among seasonal patterns, however, is prices, which are steadily increasing without signs of slowing down anytime soon,” says Lippert in reference to the average home price increasing by 14% from 2020, and the median home price increasing by 17%”.

Click HERE to read the report in it’s entirety along with monthly sales totals over the past three years, number of active listings and more!


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