Be a Good Neighbor -Common Tree Issues

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We’re reaching the end of Hurricane Season, but with winter fast approaching, we feel it’s a good time to remind you about tree rights, responsibilities and ownership. Trees can cause issues any time, but especially during periods of bad weather. Below we’ve listed a few scenarios that are good for you to know as a home and tree owner!

1. A neighbor’s tree branches hang over an owner’s property. What rights does the owner have?

*The owner can trim the branches up to the Property line.
*The owner cannot go onto the Neighbor’s property in order to trim the branches.
*The owner cannot destroy the tree in the process.

2. A tree stands directly on the property line. Who owns the tree?

*Such a tree is a boundary tree.
*Neither party can remove the tree without the other’s consent.
*Both parties are responsible for maintaining the tree.

3. A tree trunk is clearly on a neighbor’s property but the tree leans over onto the owner’s property. Who owns the tree?

*The neighbor.

4. A neighbor grades his property and in the process damages the root system of the owner’s tree and the tree dies? What are the owner’s rights?.

*The neighbor owes the owner the value of the tree.

5. The neighbor’s tree looks like it is going to fall on the owner’s house. What can the owner do?

*The owner can trim the overhanging branches back to the property line.
*The owner can call the local government arborist division and should write a letter to the owner to remove after arborist assessment. Typically a dangerous tree ordinance will require the owner to remove the tree or the government will step in and require the owner to do so.

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