Committed To Change. Black Lives Matter.

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In light of the recent senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery (and all those before them) and the continuing aftermath, the firm’s leadership wanted to reach out and let all of you know that our firm stands against these inexcusable acts.   The inhumanity of all of this is really too hard to bear and has rightly resulted in forceful protest.

To all of our African American community, we cannot pretend to even possibly understand all of the hurt and fear that you experience in your lives.  But we do recognize that you are especially hurting right now.  While we can’t see through your eyes and walk in your shoes, we do empathize with you – we care about your safety, your well-being, and your God-given right to exist and live free from racism and injustice.

ALL people have the right to be free and live free from any and all prejudice based on the color of their skin – period.  No matter how large, or how small.  As one of our African American clients recently said, there is really only one race – the human race – and that is what MMH stands for.

During these especially difficult times, ALL of us individually and collectively must value, embrace and practice our unity, our diversity and our solidarity against all racial discrimination and injustice.  That’s easy enough to say, but how do we really make things better?

Our Plan:

  1. We commit to identify, call out and fight all forms of racism everywhere – no matter how large or small.  As a firm, we will continue to foster a culture that embodies equality, communication, unity, and accountability.
  2. We also believe a great place to start to make change is in our local communities.  We encourage our staff to vote in local and national elections and allow paid time away from the office to our employees to make their voices heard at the polls.
  3. We are actively educating ourselves and providing resources to our staff to encourage their education as well.
  4. One of the MMH brand pillars we highlight via our social media outlets is our great City of Atlanta.  To that end, we will continue to support local communities and black owned businesses not only by our continued patronage but also via our platforms.  We will make greater efforts to diversify our social media feeds and celebrate that diversification by shining a light on the all of the aforementioned businesses as well as charities we’re supporting that are working hard to make change right here in our backyard.

A phrase that became well used during the height of COVID-19 is:

We’re in this together. 

And while that was in response to a global pandemic to an invisible virus, it is all the more applicable and poignant now.

As a people and as a firm, we are committed to joining together to combat the greatest continuing injustice of our time: Racism.
Change must come and the time is now.

Will you join us?

Patrick McManamy, Bren McLeod, Kati Heller and the entire MMH Family

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