Court Order obtained by Fulton County to Issue 2018 Property Tax Bills

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Fulton County has obtained a court order allowing the issuance of 2018 tax bills.

The tax bills will be temporary and subject to additional billing once the 2018 assessments are finalized. The temporary bill you receive will either be based on A.) 85% of the 2018 noticed value of the property, or B.) 100% of the 2017 Fair Market Value- whichever value is less.  The 2017 tax bills, which were also temporary, are still pending final approval as the final 2017 tax digest has yet to be approved.

Why is this happening? As a result of the high number and dollar value of appeals of the 2018 property tax assessments, Fulton County has been unable to bill due to the existing tax assessments.

What does this mean for you and your upcoming closing? MMH will prorate taxes based on the tax bill we receive at the time of closing, temporary or final.

If you have any specific questions about your closing as it relates to this matter, please contact your assigned pre-closer or send an email to

Written by Megan Blanks, Marketing Director at McManamy McLeod Heller.

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