COVID-19 Tips for Professionals

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic we’re facing, here are a few tips as it applies to closings to keep in mind:

  1. Only essential parties need to attend closing.  Rule of thumb:  If you aren’t signing anything, you ARE ENCOURAGED NOT TO ATTEND.

  2. MMH is happy to accommodate separate rooms for Buyers and Sellers and the closing attorney can maintain 10 feet of distance during the signing process.

  3. Mailaway/remote signings can be accommodated, but we believe our office is still the safest place to sign given the processes and procedures we’ve put into place.

  4. Buyers on CASH transactions can sign their documents remotely and without the need for a notary and separate witness.

  5. We discourage the use of DA’s (Disbursement Authorizations) due to the increased exposure when issuing multiple checks and having non-signing parties in the closing room.  MMH routinely wires broker commissions to broker accounts.  If you or your office insists on the use of a DA, we are happy to deliver those checks to your office in a sealed envelope.

  6. Make sure your designated closing attorney has the ability to E–record.  Without this capability, the transaction is vulnerable to further delays caused by county courthouse closings.

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