Overview of Georgia Property Tax System & Property Tax Appeals Process


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Understanding Property Tax Assessments and the Appeals process is a huge value add not only to yourself as a homeowner but also to your clients.  Assessments are due to come out soon, so take this class and be prepared to advise your clients accordingly, if they come to you with questions or advice.

This course that will focus on OCGA 48-5-2, the legal definition of fair market value, the annual notice of assessment, 6 grounds for a property tax appeal, 4 options as to who will resolve a property tax appeal, form PT-311a (appeal of assessment form)., methods of valuation of residential property, methods of valuation fo commercial property, homestead exemptions and HB280 and SB 485.

This course will be taught by Hap Richardson.  Hap is currently the owner of HLR Law, a boutique law firm specializing in property tax appeals.  HLR Law has filed well over 1,000 property tax appeals in over 30 counties in Georgia.  They have represented all types of property from single family homes to apartment complexes to commercial buildings to hospitals.  Hap has held a Georgia Real Estate License since 2009 and Broker/Associate Broker’s License since 2013.