With the rise in identity theft and wire fraud, and in compliance with our industry’s Best Practices, MMH has put into place numerous processes, procedures and systems to protect your personal information. While this may require you to take an extra step to securely access the information we send, please know that this is all done for your protection. Our firm truly appreciates your cooperation with the process. We have purposely selected systems that are user friendly and hope you find them easy to use.

Email Security – Our firm uses ZixCorp to send secure emails.  Emails that contain non-public personal information are automatically encrypted when emailed from our system.  Recipients can then use ZixCorp to securely respond to our emails and send attachments.

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Secure Portal – Buyer and Seller Information Sheets and other documents can be submitted via our secure portal, eliminating the worry of transmitting personal information via unsecure means.

Wire Fraud Prevention – Our industry has been targeted by cyber criminals who hack unsecure email accounts. The criminals then pose as legitimate parties to the transaction in an attempt to divert closing funds for their own means.

In response to this threat, please note that MMH will never send wiring instructions to you via email. We will only send a link to our secure portal where you can login and safely download our wiring instructions. Please call us directly to confirm the wiring instructions before initiating your wire at your banking institution.

Document Destruction – Our firm maintains shredding bins at all of our office locations to securely dispose of documents with non-public personal information.  The documents in these bins are routinely emptied and shredded by a vetted third-party document destruction service provider.

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