May Market Summary: What’s Goin’ on in Atlanta

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May’s sales were right at 5,999, which is a decrease of 3.7% from 2018.  This decrease in sales corroborates the increase in supply that we saw last month.  Supply increased 12.7% from May of 2018. New listings totaled 6,098, up 17.2% from May, 2018 and an increase 11.3% from April.

A Word from 2019 Atlanta REALTORS® President DeAnn Golden: “The inventory for available homes has been improving for several months, which was helped by the addition of over six thousand new listings in May, the largest one-month increase in years. The number of new listings has stayed modestly ahead of the monthly sales for several months, which has improved the availability of home options for buyers.”

Click HERE to read the report in it’s entirety along with monthly sales totals over the past three years, number of active listings and more!

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