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Last week, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp temporarily suspended the requirement for a closing attorney and notary to be physically present at the time of closing approving instead the ability to close virtually.

While this is now a possible form of closing as long as the order is in place (currently until May 13th), there are still a lot of lenders who do not approve this method of signing.  Below are the steps our office is taking with the help of agents and their clients to successfully achieve this new method of closing upon lender approval:

  • Lender MUST approve the virtual signing in writing.
  • Signing parties must be physically located in Georgia.
  • Signing parties must have audio and visual capability to download Zoom on their computer or the Zoom app on their phone, tablet or iPad.
  • Signing parties must have the ability to print the closing package, which is roughly 100 pages for buyers/borrowers and 20 pages for sellers.  If not, we can print and overnight the documents prior to the scheduled signing.
  • Upon receipt of the documents, signing parties are NOT permitted to sign said documents prior to the designated Zoom appointment.
  • Signing parties must have a valid ID present at the time of their appointment.
  • Once the package is received from the lender, a Zoom link will be created and sent to the signing parties along with a PDF of all the documents the borrower is to print prior to signing.
  • At the designated time, the signing parties will execute their documents in front of a witness and attorney via a Zoom call.
  • After the signing is complete, the signing parties will return the original documents via FedEx overnight with a slip provided by the closer.
  • Once the originals are received, we can fund the transaction.  We CANNOT fund without the originals.

If a virtual closing isn’t approved by the lender or one of the requirements above can not be met, below are the additional options for closing:

  1. In-Office Closings: Only the signing parties are able to attend and given separate closing times and/or separate closing rooms.  Per previous communications, our closing rooms are being thoroughly cleaned between closings and proper distance between attorney and signing party is being maintained.
  2. Curbside Closings: Weather permitting, we are conducting closings outdoors for your convenience and to limit contact between signing parties and the attorney.
  3. Power of Attorney/Seller Mailout: With lender approval, MMH can act as a designated power of attorney to sign on behalf of a buyer or we can appoint an attorney not affiliated with our firm.  We will also facilitate a seller mailout without any additional expense to the seller.

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