MMH COVID-19 Update

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MMH COVID-19 Update:

We are 100% committed to doing the right thing for our customers and associates, and that commitment has been at the forefront of every step taken during the past weeks and days.

On Monday, March 23, 2020, new governmental orders were put in place by Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp and City of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.  To view the details of those orders, click HERE.

Since our industry/firm is considered an “essential business”, MMH will remain open.  In response to the orders issued however, we have made some changes to our previously stipulated policies and procedures:

In-office closings:

  • Only parties signing closing documents (i.e. Borrowers/Buyers, Sellers or their Power of Attorneys) will be allowed into our office. Realtors or loan officers may participate remotely.
  • Lobby service remains suspended and signing parties will be led directly to their closing conference room immediately upon arrival;
  • Signing parties will still sign their documents in separate rooms;
  • Closing appointment times are being staggered to prevent contact with other signing parties;
  • We are proactively working with sellers to make early signing arrangements, including curbside service;
  • All conference rooms are being cleaned after each closing;
  • Team members working remotely in compliance with social distancing guidelines.


Valet Curbside Signings:

  • For both Refinance and Purchase closings, signing parties have the option to sign their closing documents via valet curbside service.
  • Prior to closing, upon Borrower’s request, MMH can send signing parties their closing documents via overnight courier or email to review and an MMH attorney will contact them to go over the documents.
  • MMH will then schedule a valet curbside appointment to drive up to any of our office locations to sign documents that must be executed before a notary public and separate witness.


Power of Attorneys:

  • On both Refinance and Purchase lender financed closing, if approved by the lender, MMH will serve as designated Power of Attorney to sign on behalf of the Borrower.
  • In such transactions, MMH will not charge any additional fee for this service and will waive any fees for preparation of the Power of Attorney.


Medically Fragile:

  • Medically fragile parties are required to shelter in place and will not be allowed to attend closings in person or valet curbside service. However, MMH will work with the medically fragile to accommodate closings on a case by case basis.


We are immensely grateful for the continued support, patience and understanding you all have shown us as we adapt to the rapid changes happening across the world right now.  You can rest assured that we are taking this situation very seriously and the health and well being of our clients and staff are of the utmost importance to us.

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