Scary Movies to Stream in October

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Long gone are the days when we could go to Blockbuster and pick up our favorite seasonal movies.  While you may find one or two in a nearby RedBox, it would be far easier to stream them online on your favorite streaming service!

Below is a list of great scary movies and where you can stream them to get yourself into the Halloween spirit!

American Psycho, Netflix

The Witch, Netflix

13 Cameras, Netflix

Hereditary, Amazon Prime

Carrie (1976), Netflix

The Strangers, Hulu

The Sixth Sense, Netflix

The Crow, Netflix

Hush, Netflix

Mother!, Hulu

The Silence, Netflix

The Conjuring, Netflix

Hellraiser, Hulu

The Blair Witch Project, Netflix

Orphan, $3.99 on Amazon

Scream 1-4, Netflix

Child’s Play, Hulu

Candyman, Netflix

Saw, Hulu

Several cable channels also increase their Halloween themed or scary movie showings.  For full schedules, click the following:

AMC FearFest (begins October 12)

Freeform 31 Nights of Halloween

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – on ABC October 22nd and 27th.

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