Scary Real Estate Closing Stories

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While we’re partial to the closings full of joy and laughter, they don’t all go smoothly.  We asked some of our attorneys for their favorite scary stories from the closing table and here are a few that we got back from them!

What color pen is required for closing documents? Blue. Once I had a client who had a Buyer who went out and purchased a special Mont Blanc Pen in purple. When the Buyer started signing in her special pen I asked her to please use our blue pen instead. She proceeded to tell me that this pen was special and near and dear to her because it contained some of her husband’s dead ashes. He had passed away unexpectedly just a couple of weeks ago and she wanted him to somehow be at the closing of buying their dream home. So I did what any attorney would do, I printed out the documents that were material for the transaction and we signed all documents twice—once in blue and once in purple. I’m not sure which is spookier, the ashes or that the closing lasted longer than an hour.  – Amanda M.

At a purchase closing, the husband discovered his wife was previously married more times than she disclosed by inspecting the name / signature affidavit. We all left the room for a few minutes. – Nathan S.

A couple who had just sold their property opted for a check at closing, went to their car, deposited the check, came back in with the check and said they changed their mind and asked for a wire. They would’ve gotten duplicate proceeds had our bank not caught it. – Molly S.

The seller’s payoff was sent to our office from what appeared to be a legitimate lender. It was on the lender’s letterhead and included seller’s name, loan information and wiring instructions for the lender’s account for us to wire the loan payoff.  At first glance, the payoff looked like the usual payoffs we receive for closing and there was no cause for concern.  Our team diligently called the payoff lender to verbally confirm the wire instructions and it was discovered that the payoff was actually fraudulent and included fake wiring instructions for a bank account not belonging to the lender.  Crisis averted! – Heidi B.

During the process of selling their property, a wife discovered that her husband ran up a huge credit card bill and suffered a default judgment, which became a lien ($50K+) on the property and needed to be paid off at closing. – Nathan S.

The biggest lesson in these stories is how prevalent fraud is in our industry and what an impact communication can have on your closing experience.  We take fraud very seriously here at MMH.  Read all about how we Keep You Secure by clicking HERE.

What are some of your scariest stories from the closing table?

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