The Top 5 Tips to Prepare Your Listing for Virtual Showings 

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Virtual tours and showings have become much more popular and a new norm in the aftermath of the world’s exposure to COVID-19. Many home sellers and buyers may not feel as comfortable or may opt to limit the number of people who physically enter their homes during these unprecedented times.  Virtual solutions create a safe and effective way to put home buyers and sellers at ease while also getting the job done.  

Much like in-person showings, there are a lot of home staging recommendations agents or homeowners can take to make a virtual showing a success! When preparing your listing for a virtual showing and tour follow these key tips: 

Cleaning & Decluttering

Decluttering, depersonalizing, and deep cleaning must be a top priority. Make sure to declutter all areas that will be shown in the viewing and clean all countertops and rooms. Have a plan for pets and their belongings so they can be safely separated from the showing. Homeowners must depersonalize by removing any family photos and any signs of religious or political preferences. First impressions are everything!   


Show your home in the best light! Lighting can enhance the feel and look of the home giving the impression of an open and bright space. Open blinds and curtains and replace any dull lightbulbs. Keep all lights on while doing the walkthrough. Natural light coupled with the interior light can aid in optimal lighting for filming. 

Indoor/Outdoor Living 

Optimize outdoor spaces by placing emphasis on focal points. Make sure furnished patios include appropriate decor to create an indoor-outdoor living feel and give the illusion of extra square footage. Small conversation areas with an outdoor sofa or loveseat and chairs with accent pillows, throws, ottomans and outdoor rugs help buyers envision a place they can relax.  

Focus on Key Features

The importance of features and requirements buyers will be looking for in their new homes has been in the spotlight as a side effect of the pandemic. Areas like home offices and workstations, mud rooms, and flex spaces have been identified as core areas to highlight. Be sure to stage and call attention to these areas during the showing.

Hire Help 

With many people still working from home or having to put in additional time entertaining and helping children with virtual studies, the home selling process can feel overwhelming. Providing resources that can help like home staging and professional organizers can help alleviate this overwhelm and take extra work off home sellers. Services like econsultations that provide detailed recommendations or in-home options that follow the appropriate social distancing safety precautions can be very beneficial.  

If you’re interested in more home staging tips or services to help prepare your listing for a virtual house tour and showing Design2Sell can help! For more information visit their website at or contact them at or 678-505-1433.  

Article written by Kristine Cupid, Marketing Program Manager/ Purchasing for Design2Sell


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