Tips to Optimize your Instagram Account

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In a time when eyes are on social media platforms more than ever before, if you’re using your account to promote your business, it’s imperative to optimize your profile to be more searchable and draw the most traffic.  Here are a few key tips to do that in an easy, successful way.

  • Use keywords.  Your handle, name, category and bio are all searchable on Instagram, so use words that describe your industry, title and/or location that help identify who you are.

  • Utilize relevant hashtags. While #realtor has over 16 million posts, #atlantarealtor has 240,000.  Using hashtags with so many uses like #realtor will not help you get discovered.  Niching down even more and using #buckheadrealtor (3,400 uses), if that’s more closely related to the area you farm could produce even better results.  Putting overused hashtags into your captions won’t help you and will only waste space and clutter your caption.

  • Provide Social Proof. There is a reason reviews are so important when we go to buy a product or use a service.  We feel more comfortable spending our time and money if there is someone we know or trust who has gone before us and garnered a positive result.  The more people you have talking about you and your brand, the better.  Encourage or ask your clients to provide a testimonial for you to post on your social or for them to post on theirs and tag you in.

  • Examine Analytics. Arguably the biggest benefit to a business account is the availability of analytics.  The information is endless and key to optimizing your social media strategy to get the biggest return on your investment.  You can see stats like what days and times are the best to post, which posts perform the best in terms of engagement and who your core demographic is, so you can focus your message to speak to them more directly.

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