Tips to Reduce Your Stress in 2020

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Real estate is an industry unlike so many others for a variety of reasons, one of them being that there is no clocking in and clocking out of your work day.

So often your clients will want to see homes in the evening after their work day or on the weekends.  Also, much of your negotiating takes place in the late evening hours of the day.  The real estate industry is demanding and undoubtedly stressful.  And that stress take a toll.

We recently had the opportunity to hear Dr. Andy Ward, a licensed psychologist in Roswell, GA, speak about stress and mindset.  He said that stress is “when we believe that the demands of our life are exceeding our ability or resources to deal with those demands.”

He encouraged reframing and replacing your mindset.

For example, instead of overgeneralizing a single event as a pattern, reframe your mindset to be more realistic.

Instead of focusing on the negative, which is so easy for us to do, focus on the positive.  How is this situation serving you instead of working against you?

He stressed (no pun intended) the importance of taking care of our bodies and the positive effects that has on our mind.  More sleep, a better diet and regular exercise are crucial.  As it pertains to working out, he said not all exercise is the same.  The stress relieving effects of doing cardio that gets your heart rate up over 140 BPMs (beats per minute) for 20+ minutes is higher than weight training alone.

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Written by Megan Blanks, Marketing Director for McManamy McLeod Heller

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