Top 3 Tips – Property Tax Appeals in Georgia

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Property Tax assessments are beginning to roll out, which means the time to appeal your property taxes is forthcoming should you decide to do so.  Our resident property tax attorney, Hap Richardson of HLR Law, has a few tips to get you started:

  1. Find the 2022 Notice of Assessment – it is either in your mailbox or online, lots of good information on this form.
  2. Confirm your homestead exemption – Discount on property taxes for your primary residence.
  3. Evaluate your 2022 tax liability – 84% of properties in Gwinnett County increased, how big is your increase?

According to OCGA § 48-5-311, a resident has 45 days from the receipt of the Annual Notice of Tax Assessment to file an appeal, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Upcoming tax appeal deadline dates:

  • Cherokee County: 6/30/22
  • Cobb County: 7/5/22
  • Dekalb: 7/11/22
  • Forsyth: 7/11/22
  • Fulton: 8/1/22

To download the form needed to appeal your taxes in any county, click here.

If you have questions or would like guidance with regards to filing an appeal, please contact our office by emailing or contacting Hap Richardson directly by visiting his website at


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