Walkability and Home Values

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Walkability is a feature many consider when purchasing a home.  Here in Atlanta, people pay a premium to live on or near the Beltline, for example, because of its easy to navigate trail and local restaurants/shops located all along it around the city.

According to a recent Redfin article, “about a quarter of active listings are considered walkable, or have a Walk Score ranking of 50 to 100, although only about 4% are a walker’s paradise, or have a Walk Score of 90 or above.”

For reference, Atlanta has a Walk Score ranking of 48 compared to more walkable cities like Boston, MA that come in at 82.

The article goes on to explain the methodology behind how they determine a city’s Walk Score ranking as well as the change in a city’s ranking over the years.

“The benefits of walkability have also changed over time. In 2016, Atlanta garnered the highest walkability premium—38.1%—of any metro area. In 2019, it boasted a 30.2% premium. That’s still the highest of all areas we analyzed in percentage terms, but it also marks the largest premium drop.”

Is walkability a feature one of your clients have ever prioritized when searching for their next home?

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